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Alerto Sa Tag-init: DOH Warns Public VS Heat Stroke


March 22, 2019

The Department of Health has cautioned the public against heat stroke as temperatures continue to rise with the El Niño phenomenon, which has led to drought in at least 16 provinces, expected to last until June.

“Too old and too young are especially at risk of developing heat stroke,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said.

Heat stroke, according to the DOH, is the most severe form of heat illness “when the body overheats and cannot cool down.” When heat stroke happens, the body can no longer take off excessive heat by sweating because of dehydration and/or humid environment.

Here are some ways to protect oneself from heat stroke:

  1. Use protective items such as umbrella or cap to help lessen excessive heat;
  2. Wear light and cool clothing;
  3. Avoid heavy activities when the heat of the sun is at its peak; and
  4. Keep yourself hydrated but skip coffee, soda, tea and alcohol which are diuretics that induce the production of urine.

Duque said it is also important to know the warning signs of a heat stroke.

“Heat stroke is characterized by warm, flushed skin, faintness, dizziness, weakness, headache, very high fever of 41 degrees Celsius, rapid heartbeat, convulsion and unconsciousness,” the Health chief said.

Heat stroke, Duque said, is considered a medical emergency, and patients must be immediately brought to a hospital after applying emergency measures.