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Are You An Employee Or Employer? Why You Should Care More About Tax-less HMOs


January 17, 2019


Last year, the Bureau of Internal Revenue released a memo taxing health card premiums or HMOs of at least 6 million workers, to which Anakalusugan responded with a petition to revoke it. As an employee, how would it affect you and why should you care about the matter?

  • HMOs are already part of the P90,000 tax-free privilege of an employee listed under the de minimis benefits. Taxing health card premiums would burden both employers and employees, resulting in higher operations cost and lower take-home pay.
  • HMOs serve to augment PhilHealth since the latter does not cover all health care problems, such as regular check-ups. Therefore, it is the private sector paying for the government’s gaps.
  • Employees or the working class pay the highest taxes while benefiting the least.
  • The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act (TRAIN) Law aims to benefit more poor Filipinos, but the burden might mostly affect the average income tax payers.
  • There are no existing exemptions for employees similar to senior citizen or student discounts.

HMO coverage is effective in helping alleviate the working class’ burden. There must be a law that would ensure these premiums will remain tax-free. Anakalusugan, given a chance to join the legislature, fully intends to pursue this.

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